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Brisbane Places of Significance Gallery

The "Brisbane Places of Significance" series is a tribute to the diverse cultures and communities that shape Brisbane and Queensland. Through engaging with culturally and linguistically diverse community groups, I have gathered invaluable insights that have inspired a collection of captivating encaustic wax and mixed media artworks.

The heart of the "Brisbane Places of Significance" series lies in its exploration of the cultural significance of Brisbane's landmarks, places, and buildings. Each artwork tells a unique story, reflecting the cultural depth of this dynamic city. From iconic landmarks to hidden gems, the collection captures the essence of Brisbane's diverse cultural landscape.

The “Brisbane Places of Significance” art project received a Creative Sparks grant. The Creative Sparks Grant Program is an initiative of Brisbane City Council in partnership with the Queensland Government through Arts Queensland.

Blossoms in Blush

Chinatown Chronicles Bridging Cultures in Brisbane

Fernberg's Timeless Grandeur

German Legacies in Brisbane

Blue Cornflower Dreams

Eastern Charm Entrance

From Italy to Brisbane

German Presence on Eagle St

Brisbanes Global Flair

Evolution of Elegance

Gateway to Chinatown

Heritage in Stone

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