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Ipswich Impressions

Ipswich is located in the southwest of Brisbane, Australia and is one of the oldest towns in Queensland. It was first settled by Europeans in 1827.  Nowadays it is one of the fastest-growing regions in Australia.

The first Europeans into the Ipswich area were exploring west of the penal colony at Moreton Bay. In 1824, Allan Cunningham and the crews of two boats rowed up the Brisbane River. There is a memorial on Cunningham’s Knoll to mark the occasion.

 Ipswich is renowned for its architectural, natural and cultural heritage. The Post Office’s clock tower has been giving locals the right time since 1901.

Founded in 1863, Ipswich Grammar School was the first secondary school established in the colony of Queensland under the Grammar Schools Act 1860. It was followed by the opening of the Ipswich Girls' Grammar School in 1892.

Throughout the years mining, the railway workshops and the RAAF employed Ipswich’s residents.

The Ipswich Mall was partially demolished to make way for a new library, and administration building for Ipswich City Council and Tulmur Place. The new heart of the city

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