Timepiece Thoughts

There are so many perspectives to a wristwatch. For the watchmaker it might be a marvel of precision, for the expert a piece of art and for the wearer a means to express himself.

The first timepieces to be worn were made by German watchmaker in the 16. Century. The first wrist watch was created for the Queen of Naples in 1812. Wrist watches were primarily worn by women.

The Patek Philippe 1518 watch was the first serially produced chronograph with perpetual calendar ever. It made history a second time when one was sold for $11000000 in 2016.  Patek Philippe has received over 100 patents for inventions in the watchmaking industry

Watches have been a status symbol since they were invented. If you pulled out a pocket watch in 1750 you were a hotshot. Things are different nowadays, but surprisingly the same in some ways. Upscale timepieces aren’t technologically necessary, but they have something to say about who wears them. In social contexts, people look at your watch to determine things like your social position, level of education, taste and of course wealth.

Times have changed for wristwatches from being a timepiece to a fashion accessory. Nowadays most people rely on their phone for time. The wrist watch is merely a fashion accessory or a way to express oneself.