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About Andrea

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Andrea grew up in Europe and later moved to Australia as an adult. Prior to pursuing her art, she worked in private businesses and owned a horticultural marketing business in Germany. With a background in marketing and administration, Andrea pursued her passion for art after life-changing experiences led her to focus on her artistic career.  Andrea brings a unique perspective to her art that is influenced by her diverse experiences and multicultural background.

Encaustic Wax

In her work, Andrea uses the 2000-year-old encaustic medium in a novel, contemporary manner. She is passionate about exploring the creative possibilities of encaustic wax and enjoys pushing the boundaries of traditional materials. She combines this ancient technique with contemporary art methods such as oil painting, gilding, and pen drawings. The image evolves by applying multiple materials, layer by layer. There is a tactile quality to her work as she builds up layers of wax while “painting” with her blowtorch. Andrea's process results in dynamic immersive artworks that invite viewers to engage with the work on multiple levels.

Solo Exhibitions

Andrea has held solo exhibitions in 2020 and 2022, showcasing her latest works to the public. Her exhibitions are characterized by immersive installations that showcase the depth and complexity of her encaustic artworks.

Artistic Achievements

Andrea has received numerous accolades for her work, including the Grand Prize and 1st Prize Contemporary winner at the Nundah Festival Art Competition in 2022, and the Judges Choice award at the Petite Pieces competition at Aspire Gallery for her painting Prize, and others. Find more details in her CV 

Brisbane City Council Lord Mayor Grant

In 2023, Andrea was awarded a Brisbane City Council Creative Sparks Lord Mayor grant. This grant will provide her with the opportunity to create a new body of work inspired by significant landmarks and icons in Brisbane, with the aim of building cross-cultural connections and bringing together diverse communities through art.

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