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Brisbane Taiwan Art Exhibition

The Brisbane Taiwan Art Exhibition marks a significant milestone in my artistic journey as it represents my inaugural participation in an international showcase. As part of this prestigious event, I am thrilled to present five new paintings from my latest flower range, adding a fresh dimension to the group exhibition. These pieces not only reflect my ongoing exploration of Australian native flora but also symbolise the cultural exchange and artistic dialogue fostered by this collaborative platform. The Brisbane Taiwan Art Exhibition is an exciting endeavour aimed at fostering arts and cultural exchange between Australia and Taiwan, while also serving as a platform to connect artists from these two vibrant nations and beyond. Organised by World Arts & Multi-Culture Inc. (WAMCI), this exhibition promises to be a celebration of creativity and diversity. Taking place at the prestigious Tainan Public Meeting Hall in Taiwan, the exhibition will run from the 2nd to the 22nd of May 2024. The official opening ceremony is scheduled for the 4th of May 2024, marking the commencement of a dynamic showcase of artistic talent and cultural dialogue.

Multicultural Community Connect Queensland

'Think of Me' Art Exhibition: A Tribute to Culture, Diversity and Encaustic Wax Art

January 2024

4EB Women's Profile 
Interviews with Irene Bayldon
20 October 2023
33:50 - 41:05 min
6 October 2023
19:10 - 28:25 min
SBS German Radio
Interview with Katharina Loesche

The Local Bulletin

A Visual Feast

Get ready for an art experience that's all about culture and community

October 2023 

Captivating Art

Andrea Moser's Journey into the world of encaustic art has led to her winning the Fine Art/Open Section at this year's Ipswich Show 

Andrea Moser Solo Exhibition 'Colourful Wanderings'
2 to 11 September 2022

My 'Colourful Wandering' exhibition was in the Inspired Art Gallery in the historic Pioneer Church at the Kenmore Uniting Church. On show were 25 of my latest acrylic artworks of colourful landscapes, flowers and abstracts reflecting my work's emotional and positive energy. My art was complemented by flower art from Sogetsu Ikebana Queensland, created especially for the exhibition.


Interview with Katharina Loesche from SBS German Radio. 26 August 2022

ANDREA MOSER SOLO EXHIBITION  'Deconstructed Lifecycles'

31 JULY TO 22 AUGUST 2020

The exhibition "DECONSTRUCTED LIFECYCLES" was at Aspire Gallery, Paddington, QLD.

The exhibition featured 26 encaustic medium paintings of Andrea's latest works 

Deconstructed Lifecycle Exhibition Walkthrough by Curator Irene Mengel at Aspire Gallery

Icons of the River City - Andrea Moser.j
Andrea Moser Magnificent Magnolia-full.jpg
Gerhard, the Deconstructed Geneticist
Petite Pieces Winner Aspire.PNG
Deconstructed Magpie_edited.jpg
Pyro Petal.JPG
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