Artist Statement

I have had a lifelong fascination with nature, humans, ideas and science. Especially the interconnection and relationship between nature and humans and how ideas and science shape their meaning are a constant source of inspiration for me as an artist.

For my art I’m looking for themes that resonate with life and speaks to my experiences as a human being. I’m painting a wide array of themes such as animals, objects, cities and humans. My themes are all connected that they have a meaning, a relationship or a symbolic value for people. These can and often are different for different individuals.  It could be some perspective or relationship I have myself or I have observed at others. 

I understand that perspectives and meanings associated with a theme have evolved over time based on our cultural background, experiences and values. My art questions the common meaning, exposes cultural bias and plays with possible meanings. Through this I try to make the viewer see multiple perspectives and meanings. My aim is that my paintings are prompting the viewer to have an inner dialogue with the painting. This is an opportunity for the viewer to contemplate their own relationship with the theme or subject and how it compares with the perspective other people might have. The emphasis is to grow mutual understanding for each other and respect for different perspectives and opinions. This is what tolerance and diversity means for me. Hence Andrea Moser Art is 'Meaningful Art for Thinking People'.

I’m choosing to keep my art works dominantly in black and white. Because I find colour would distract and divert the viewer from interacting with the painting.  Sometimes I add some metal leaf to add some glamour to a glamorous theme. Sometimes it is some shellac burn to symbolise water or another liquid. The textures I’m creating always have a relationship to the theme. Being it watch faces for ‘Timepiece Thoughts’ or round pearls for ‘Pearl Perspective’.

While drawing and painting for decades I have tried out my share of mediums. I’m now fascinated by encaustic medium which consists of paraffin wax mixed with dammar resin or micro crystalline. It is painted in a molten state onto the board and sets immediately when it cools down.  The medium is manipulated with a blowtorch so one can say I’m painting with fire, which sounds and can be quite dramatic. Encaustic medium is used as a paint but also as a glue to embed my ink drawings and as an underlying substrate for the gilding process. With encaustic medium I can create a third dimension and bring texture into the painting. I enjoy the versatility of this medium and its countless ways how it can be manipulated.

Encaustic medium is the first known medium to human kind to bind pigments with a binder for painting. I like the idea to bring new life into an ancient technique and to bring it into the 21st century.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.