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Rural Treasures

"Rural Treasures" celebrates the rich cultural heritage of rural Australia and captures the essence of rural life and the many treasures it holds.

The two iconic symbols of rural Australia: the windmill and the ute represent the simplicity and resilience of rural life, as well as the vital role that rural areas play in our economy and identity.The painting highlights the importance of agriculture in rural Australia, with depictions of cotton, wheat and cattle. But perhaps the most poignant aspect of "Rural Treasures" is its depiction of the sense of community that thrives in rural areas. The painting captures the spirit of camaraderie and togetherness that is so often found in rural sporting clubs and local pubs. Here, farmers come together to share stories and news, creating a sense of belonging that is integral to rural life.

In essence, "Rural Treasures" is a powerful celebration of all that rural Australia has to offer. Through its evocative imagery, this painting captures the unique and enduring beauty of our rural areas and the vital role they play in our culture, economy, and identity.

This painting comes with an external frame, a hanging wire and is ready to hang.
Signed on the front and signed certificate of authenticity.
Medium: Encaustic Wax, Ink, Oils, Metal Leaf
Dimensions: 50 x 50 cm
Frame dimensions: 53 x 53 cm
Price: $ 750
Year: 2022

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