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Deconstructed Lifecycles Gallery

Andrea Moser is looking in her art for something that resonates with life as she sees it and speaks to her experiences as a human being. She understands that we often have a preconceived point of view or meaning on a subject or an idea. This perspective or meaning has evolved over time based on our cultural background, experience and values. As an artist, she likes to explore the different meanings of her subjects. That way the viewer is guided on a journey to see other people’s understanding of the subject and to question his own perspective. By helping to see and understand different people's views her art promotes tolerance and diversity. Andrea has her stories and reasons behind each piece, but the ideas, ideals, biases and perspectives the viewer brings to the work are the real lifeblood.

Tasmanian Tapestry: Landscapes and Legacies

Strawberry Sunday - Modern Floral

Lemon Haze - Modern Floral

After the Game

Gin O'Clock

Cocktails and Dreams

Milton Moments

Island Vibes

Rural Treasures

Iris Germanica - Modern Floral

Champagne Poetry

Noosa Vibes - Holiday Art

Ipswich Impressions

Skin Deep

Milton's Past and Present: A Story in Nine Images

Queensland Pride

Rugby Rumble

Head of the River

Ocean in a Shell - sea shells art

A History of Medicine

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