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Happy Hibiscus - Modern Floral

“Happy Hibiscus” is a paintong from the 'Elements of Life' series that draws inspiration from the four classical elements of air, earth, fire, and water. In this painting, the air and fire elements are represented by a delicate pink flower that symbolizes various qualities, such as charm, sensitivity, tenderness, and politeness. This artwork also embodies the feminine aspect of the elements and stands for the universal love of oneself and others. Overall, 'Happy Hibiscus' is a beautiful and evocative representation of the elements of life and the qualities they embody.

Andrea Moser Azure Allure Full sq t.png

This painting comes with an external frame, a hanging wire and is ready to hang.
Signed on the front and signed certificate of authenticity.
Medium: Encaustic Wax, Pigments, Ink, Shellac
Dimensions: 30 x 30 cm
Frame dimensions: 40 x 40 cm
Price: $ 2500
Year: 2022

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