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Dancing Royals

'Dancing Royals' is a stunning mixed media painting that captures the essence of the water element. The painting evokes feelings of emotional release, intuition and inner reflection, much like the ebb and flow of water in our lives. The blue hues and fluid lines represent the ever-changing nature of water and its ability to interact with all physical senses. The painting is a visual journey that invites the viewer to dive into the depths of their emotions and embrace the power of water within themselves.

This painting comes with an external frame, a hanging wire and is ready to hang.
Signed on the back and signed certificate of authenticity.
Medium: Encaustic Wax, Pigments, Ink, Hand-dyed Paper
Dimensions: 95 x 95 cm
Frame dimensions: 98 x 98 cm
Price: $ 1250
Year: 2022

Project Gallery

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