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Owning "Rachael" is not just acquiring a piece of art; it's an investment in aesthetic joy and emotional resonance. This vibrant and expressive portrait brings a burst of color and personality into any space, serving as a constant source of inspiration and positive energy. Its abstract Fauvism style sparks creativity and conversation, making it a unique focal point in your collection. "Rachael" is not merely a painting; it's a daily reminder of individuality and the beauty of self-expression. As a versatile piece, it seamlessly complements various interior styles, adding a touch of contemporary sophistication to your home or office. With "Rachael," you're not just buying art; you're inviting a conversation starter and a visual delight into your life.

Artwork Dimensions: 40 x 30 cm

This painting is ready to hang with a wire across the back.

It is signed on the front and comes with a signed certificate of authenticity.

Price (incl. freight within Australia): $240



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