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Sweet Lisa

Step into the world of "Sweet Lisa," where art and emotion intertwine. Lisa, the muse behind the canvas, embodies strength and grace in every stroke. This painting is more than pigment on canvas; it's a story waiting to be felt.
Lisa, a modern-day muse, navigates life with resilience and elegance. The soft colors echo the gentle strength she exudes. As you gaze upon "Sweet Lisa," envision the chapters of her life unfolding. Each brushstroke tells a tale of overcoming, of embracing one's essence. This artwork isn't just a portrait; it's an invitation to connect with Lisa's journey and find echoes of your own. Bring home a piece of her story, and let "Sweet Lisa" resonate with the narratives within you.

Artwork Dimensions: 40 x 30 cm

This painting is ready to hang with a wire across the back.

It is signed on the front and comes with a signed certificate of authenticity.

Price (incl. freight within Australia): $240



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